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ScienTI Network Methodology and Technology

The principles of conception, development, the availability, and the operation of the Sources of Information on the Network SCienTI foresee care for the needs of the various actors tied CT&I, as research, students, managers, etc.

Both the capture and formation of the national information of CT&I, and its dissemination by the Web, they are flexible to the decisions of every participant of the Network SCienTI. In origin of the information is the process with which each country should organize its national data.

The set of systems, databases and portal developed in the area of the Network SCienTI form the architecture integrated of the following components of Sources and Technology of Information:

  • Information systems in CT&I
  • Directories of Information in CT&I
  • Portals related to CT&I
  • News in CT&I

In the option by the adoption of the Systems on the Network SCienTI, the publication of the national data in the Source of corresponding Information is the natural consequence of the utilization of the systems process.†† In the case of the country adopted own instruments, its participation is conditioned to the XML harmonization of the information units and to the responsibility for publication of that information, periodically, in the corresponding Information Source.

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